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Unicorns are real, trust me.

Across my 15 year career in marketing and advertising, I have been lucky enough to build a reputation as an “unicorn”, a designer with product design, branding, creative direction, photography, video production, Ui/UX, marketing, and project management experience. Having owned my own marketing & advertising agency for 8 years, I bring a well honed ability to maximize the creative output and profitability of the teams I lead. I believe in leading by example and maintain an active design workload while maintaining a culture of best idea wins and pushing my team to stay creatively curious.


In my current position as creative director of FM I am actively building and Leading the design team responsible for all advertising, brand design, production, and digital content for the FM family of brands. Principal designer for all international advertising campaigns. FM is the parent company of Filmsupply, Musicbed, Label, Trust, and Stills.

Noteworthy Projects:
  • Design and branding of 3 FM brands: Label, Trust, and Stills

  • 2022 Musicbed Challenge

  • Filmsupply Instant Footage Research Device

  • Brand and launch of Musicbed Awards.

  • Filmsupply Edit Fest 2022


Art Direction



Product Design

Package Design


Video Production


Go to Market Strategy


GDUSA 2018 Packaging Design Blackwater Draw Brewing Can Design, Agency: Drift

Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue #98 20 tips for better photo composites

Practical Photoshop Magazine Issue #25 Gallery Showcase

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